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Flood Insurance Cover Defined

Flood Means - Cover

Policy will cover you for the inundation of normal dry land by water escaping or released from the normal confines of any natural watercourse or Lake (whether or not they have been altered or modified ) or from dam reservoir or canal.

Typical Flood Exclusions

The following are examples of several types of flood, which are not covered under a standard business policy;

Riverine floods – these occur when rain falls or hail or snow melts (whether in the immediate region or elsewhere ) & increases the water in a river, creek, other natural watercourse, (whether they are in their original state or have been modified ), a dam, reservoir, storm water channel, or canal so that it rises & overflows onto land or into buildings that are not normally underwater.

Some Company Business Policy Wording go even further & regard any rainwater on your property that cannot run off into a river, dam etc. as a flood That mixes with the flood water coming from the river, dam etc as flood

Flood Cover – The Offer

What we can offer in the majority of cases is a policy which covers damage caused by Flood, as per the “ Flood Means “ definition above and not subject to any of the above exclusion. I have stated "in the majority of cases" as there will be some areas, not many, that we just can’t get flood cover for.

Important Note – Flood does not cover storm surge, the action of the sea, tidal wave, high water or erosion.

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